Globe Café: a friendship club in East Belfast

Globe Cafe in full swingSeptember is with us, so it’s now time to tell you about another one in our series of meeting spaces inspired by Belfast Friendship Club.

Globe Café took a well earned rest in the summer and is now back on. Here is what they said to us:

Globe Café


Globe Café was started four years ago, and now meets in Eastside Visitor Centre in CS Lewis Square every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 10pm.  

It is a weekly social gathering in East Belfast, where people from all over the world (including here in Northern Ireland) come and enjoy tea/coffee/soft drinks and the chance to practise their English, meet new people/catch up with friends.  

We often have live music, and Open Mic events where people can bring their guitar/keyboard etc. and share some music.  

We thought the BFC model was fantastic, and felt that there was a need for something similar in East Belfast- so that’s what we have created!

There are 30-40 people there every week.   We run until the end of June, then have a break and start again in September.  Its great craic!

Eastside Centre where Globe Cafe meets